Introducing the new 1967 Dart GTS! You just don't see too many of these, and that's because they only made 457. This figure is US sold cars, and it includes hardtops and convertibles, as there is no breakdown between body styles. There is a breakdown for transmissions, with 229 coming with a 4-speed, and 228 coming with an auto.
This example was at a local show and is nicely restored. I see several trophies in the back seat.
"383 Four Barrel" rated at 280hp, because of the restrictive exhaust manifolds. Power steering was not available this year.
Pretty nice looking interior. That's Chrysler's reverse lockout "Inland" shifter. They switched back to Hurst midway through 1968. Notice it says Dart GT on the door panels. They basically used the GT as it was, adding the 383 and some GTS emblems to the front fenders in 1967.
1 of 229 4-speed cars.
This Silver Metallic GTS was at Carlisle in 2002.
The restoration was very well done.
Here you see the front fender emblems.
Nicely done engine compartment.
Here is a view from the back. This car has the optional bumper guards.
This Gold Metallic GTS was also at Carlisle in 2002. It has 1970 rallye wheels on it.
What's even more rare is a 1967 Convertible GTS 383. Probably only a handful of these still around.
This one has Mag style wheel covers which I like.
I really like this Dark Turquoise Metallic drop-top.
Another nice engine compartment.
4-speed with console and sport woodgrain wheel dress up the interior.
67 GTS @ 2005 Belvedere Mopar Happening.
67 GTS @ 2006 Carlisle.
Courtesy Alan M.
67 GTS @ 2006 Carlisle.
Courtesy Alan M.