A factory Advertisement!   Notice that a Dodge was called a "road runner" before Plymouth even came out with their car in 1968! Was this a hint of the future?
"Enter the Big Bore Hunter!"
Join the Dodge Rebellion!
Another factory ad...
R/T means "Road & Track!
The Man with the cigar!
The Coronet R/T was introduced in 1967 and only lasted four years! It came standard with a 440 Magnum engine, with the 426 Hemi the only option, until 1970. It came standard with HD suspension, HD brakes, HD drivetrain, simulated hood scoop, and R/T badging.
There were many colors available, this one is (RR1) Yellow with black pinstripes!
Total production was 10,109 2 door hardtops built. This gorgeous R/T is (QQ1) Dark Red Metallic!
A very nicely restored engine compartment! The 375 horsepower 440 had a dual snorkle air cleaner, chrome valve covers, and was painted turqoise.   4-speed cars came with a Dana rear axle standard, which required the larger 26 inch radiator and shroud for better cooling.
A sharp looking (PP1) Bright Red convertible!
This was a local (881) Bright Blue Metallic Hemi car! Very unfortunately, it burned up in a garage fire a few years ago. Nate Studer was the owner.
Nate owned this real nice 440 car, which also burned in the same fire! That was a very sad day!
This one was at the 2000 Mopar Nationals!
Gold Metallic with a black vinyl top. It has the rare passenger side rear view mirror.
Only 628 convertibles were built, making these a rare animal!   This one appears to be (ZZ1) Gold Metallic. (Ken Bowser photo)
A (WW1) White R/T with red pinstripes!
This sharp R/T is (661) Mauve Metallic!
Another nice example!
Same car from a different angle!   It has the optional bumpers guards.
A nice interior.
This sharp Coronet R/T is one of the rare ragtops! Notice the black accent pinstripes. Also notice the very rare dual outside mirrors.
A nice rear view of a convertible R/T!   This car appears to be one of the extremely rare Hemi's!
Here is one from my friend Ken, back East!   Appears to be very nicely restored! Hopefully more of these car will be saved as well.....
Gus in Indiana sent these pictures of his brother's rare two tone paint car. Here he is also showing the true power and torque of a 440 Magnum!
This one was at the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
Another one from the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
One more from the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
A Bright Blue Metallic R/T!
A (TT1) Medium Copper Metallic R/T!
A very nice (MM1) Turbine Bronze Metallic R/T that Clarence sent me! Thanks Clarence!
A view of the (375HP) 440 Magnum engine!
A view from the rear.
A look at the interior. Notice the Chrysler "Inland" reverse lockout 4-speed shifter, and the console mounted tachometer. Also, notice the correct console top, which was not woodgrain until 1969!
A "Hemi" R/T also owned by Clarence!
He has two very nice cars!
A nice looking 426!
One last look!
This black R/T comes to me from Dave and she is a beauty! He is the 3rd owner and he has a long association with Mopars. Thanks Dave!
This black R/T was at Carlisle and appears to be a two-tone paint car, with a silver painted roof! I did not see the fendertag to verify it's authenticity.
Another view of this rare R/T!
A closer look at the two-tone paint scheme!
Neat car!
Another R/T from Carlisle!
Cruising Carlisle in a 67 R/T!
A sharp Bronze Metallic convertible!
Another convertible!
A pretty red convertible!
A look at the interior of a 67 R/T.
(PP1) Bright Red hardtop.
Courtesy Ken B.
A white hardtop in the ole west.
Nate Studer's 440 Magnum car that burned.
A head on view.
I like this color...
(KK1) Medium Turquoise Metallic.
It's a 426 Hemi, 4-speed car!
No exhaust tips in 67.
Nice interior with Inland shifter, console, tachometer, and sport woodgrain steering wheel.
Another view.
67 R/T @ Great Barrington, Mass. 2004 show.
Courtesy Ken B.
67 R/T at Monster Mopar Weekend @ Gateway International Raceway near St. Louis, Missouri.
Another view of this Bright Blue R/T.
(BB1) Black R/T @Monster Mopar Weekend show near St. Louis.
View from the rear of this nice convertible.
(WW1) White
(WW1) White
Hemi R/T @ Chrysler Convention 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
Clarence's 67 Hemi R/T @
The Belvidere Mopar Happening 2004.
The motor in Clarence's R/T
Clarence sent me more pictures of his car.
"426 Hemi" emblem on the front fender, and close-up of the "Mag Style" wheel cover.
This one is a 4-speed, but Clarence also owns a Red Hemi with an automatic. The difference is the auto has a black vinyl top. (shown above)
Very nice looking R/T.
One of the very rare Hemi R/T convertible's.
White with Red accent stripes.
White with Red interior.
R/T from Canada.
Courtesy Alan M.
Same car.
Courtesy Alan M.
Another one from Canada.
Courtesy Alan M.
R/T courtesy Ken B.
R/T @ Palmer Dodge show.
Courstesy Ken B.
Same car from the rear.
One last look.
R/T for sale at the 2005 Mopar Nats.
Courtesy Adam F.
Hemi R/T @ Mopar Madness
show in Naperville, Illinois.
Another view.
R/T @ 2005 Quaden Dodge show.
Pretty Bronze Metallic color.
The 440 Magnum.
Black interior with 4-speed and console tach.
Close up of the simulated hood scoop.
Quarter panel R/T emblem.
Really nice car.
Thumbs up from Andy440!
Silver Metallic R/T @ 2005 Mopar Nats.
Courtesy Adam F.
Gold Metallic R/T
Courtesy Ken B.
Blue Metallic R/T @
Richland Center, WI show 2006
White R/T
Courtesy Ken B.
Tail of a 67 R/T.
Hemi R/T
Hemi R/T convertible.
Hemi R/T convertible interior.
R/T @ Carlisle 2006
Courtesy Alan M.
R/T @ Carlisle 2006
Courtesy Alan M.
R/T @ Carlisle 2006
Courtesy Alan M.