Introducing the 1968 Dodge Coronet Superbee!   It was based off of the
Coronet 440 model.
A factory Advertisement for the 1968 Superbee! They used a decal on the tail-light panel. I like the use of the black accent stripes!
This is the 1968 Superbee show car that toured around the country to show off the new model that was coming.... Interesting that it is a convertible, which was never available.
Did you know that all 68 Superbee's were 2 door coupes? This owner has added a "Bee" emblem to the grille instead of the "DODGE" emblems.
The 383 Magnum engine in 1968 was painted Turquoise. This a nice example, but the oil filler cap should be chrome and the master cylinder is incorrect. The 383 Magnum changed color to Hemi Orange for 1969 & 70. They used a "RED" pie plate for 68 & 69, but in 70 they were orange.
A Yellow Bee from a show in Illinois. I like the white top & stripe! It correctly has the "DODGE" emblems in the front grille.
Here is the blackout around the tail-light panel, which contrasts nicely with the white stripe.
A nice Light Green Bee with White contrasting vinyl top & stripe
A Black "Hemi" , enough said!
Picture from Ken Bowser.
Another nice looking yellow Superbee with a white vinyl top and black stripe. Owner has added newer police car wheels.
The 383 Magnum was the standard engine, and the only option was a 426 Hemi!   This Bee has only 24,000 original miles, and belongs to Glenn & Vicki!
Not much of a warning here!   Glenn tells me the car now has the correct wheels and tires, and he is looking for some real nice full size wheel covers.   He has also added the "DODGE" emblems to the grille.
The view most competitors saw!   Buzzzzzz!   I'll have to see if I can catch up with it and get some updated pictures this year........
Glenn has been busy improving his Hemi Superbee from last year. It tied for 1st place at the Shakopee Mopar show, in the unrestored class. Way to go Glenn! See ya at the shows!
Glenn and his Hemi Bee at the Belvidere Mopar Happening.
A close up look at the "Hemi" emblem on the front fender.
15 inch wheel covers and redline tires.
Do you know who this guy is? Well it's that famous Mopar Guru - Galen Govier! This is his 68 Coronet 440 with a 426 Hemi, which wasn't supposed to be available. But it seems a couple did get made, and Galen has one of them. I think it is a Superbee wanna be myself, but don't tell Galen, ha,ha.
Here is the motor in Galen's car. I have had a ride in it and it is pretty fast!
Galen's car at the "Mopars on the Mississippi" show in Dubuque, Iowa on August 26, 2001.
A nice yellow Bee.
A close up of the 68 Superbee stripe.
A Black "Hemi" Bee!
A close up of the front & rear.
This Light Green Metallic Bee was for sale at the 2001 Mopar Nationals! It's missing the bee decal on the tail panel, the black surround stripes, and the wheel lip moldings.
A Hemi Bee with only 6,700 original miles, which Rick has owned since 1974. Thanks!
A sharp looking 68 Bee.
A nice looking Bee from Wyoming.
Same car from the front.
Another Bright Red Bee.
Another view of the same car.
A QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic Bee, missing wheel lip mouldings and the grille "DODGE" emblems.
A gorgeous RR1 Burgundy Metallic Hemi Bee @ Carlisle!
The only engine option above the 383.
Very well done engine compartment!
A rear view of this very nice Bee.
A Black Hemi Bee!
(Ken Bowser photo)
Another of this Hemi Bee.
(Ken Bowser photo)
A view from above.
(Ken Bowser photo)
One last look.
(Ken Bowser photo)
Another 1968 Hemi Superbee.
This 68 Bee belongs to Gilbert Brown
of the Green Bay Packers!
A Red Bee.
A Bee out in the country.
A yellow Bee.
The other side.
A nice Bee at Shakopee, Minnesota.
Glenn & Vicki's Bee at the Coulee Region Mopar show in West Salem, Wisconsin.
68 Bee at the Monster Mopar Weekend @ Gateway International Raceway.
One more look.
Another 68 Bee at the Monster Mopar Weekend, Gateway International Raceway.
KK1 - Light Turquoise Metallic, stripe delete with white vinyl top & white interior.
Chrome style road wheels and redline tires.
A view from another angle.
Last look at this really nice Bee.
RR1- Burgundy Metallic.
RR1- Burgundy Metallic.
Roger and his 68 Bee way back when.
RR1- Burgundy Metallic.
Courtesy Ken B.
WW1 - White.
Courtesy Nick T.
At Mopars on the Strip in Vegas.
Courtesy Nick T.
Red Bumble-Bee stripe.
Black Bee @ 2006 Carlisle.
Courtesy Alan M.
All 68 Super Bee's had a bench seat, buckets were not available. So they all had column shift with the automatic transmission. 4-speed's had a Husrt floor shifter.
SS1- Yellow @ 2006 Carlisle.
Courtesy Alan M.