A Factory Advertisement!
1968 Scat Pack Brochure!
Coronet R/T was part of the Pack!
Do you have Dodge Fever?
The Heart of the Pack!
An old Factory photo!
Factory photo of another 68 R/T.
A nice "Red" ragtop!
Nice "R/T" from Ken Bowser!
These came standard with a 440 Magnum! Optional with a 426 Hemi!
Silver Metallic with a Red BB stripe, cool!
Black ragtop with a Red interior! The rear quarter mouldings were added by the dealer. R/T's originally did not come with them, only 500's. This car has been in Mopar Collectors Guide magazine!
Nice Interior!
Brian's Red 68!
This one needs somebody who Cares!
Another view!
Another one that needs some Lovin!
What the competition sees!
The cockpit of the 68 R/T! This one has the optional sport (woodgrain) steering wheel, A/C, tachometer, console, and AM radio. The 150mph speedometer was standard equipment. Notice that the shifter is all metal and doesn't have the woodgrain knob of the 69 & 70's.
(UU1) Light Blue Metallic.
This Hemi R/T resides in England! Sent to me by Adam, who is a member of the Mopar Muscle Association of the UK. There are a lot of nice Mopars in the UK!
This sharp Turquoise Metallic Coronet R/T convertible was at the 2000 Mopar Nats!
This Bronze Metallic Coronet R/T was at the Car Craft Sreet Machine Nationals in Du Quoin, Illinois, in 1983!
This Coronet R/T convertible was owned by a little old lady in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a low mileage original, it was featured in a few Mopar magazines.
The same car in a different view. It has the longitudinal accent pinstripes.
This yellow Coronet R/T was at a Jefferson, Wisconsin show in the mid 80's.
A sharp looking R/T in Racing Green Metallic and equipped with Mag wheels.
Another view from the left corner.....
Looks good with the white bumblebee stripe!
This "Sinister" looking R/T belongs to Joe in Long Island, New York.
This R/T was for sale in England.
This R/T was belongs to Mike, and it is a real beauty!   It is (UU1) Light Blue Metallic, with a blue and white interior.
The engine compartment is well detailed! The front of the radiator support is blacked out, so you can't see the body color through the grill. All the chrome looks better than new!
Another view of this really nice 68 R/T!
I wasn't planning on featuring any race cars, but this one is awesome!   John says it turns the 1/4 mile in the 9.90's @ 135mph.   Now that is one pretty fast R/T!
Do you recognize this 1968 R/T?
A white 68 R/T at the
Belvidere Mopar Happening!
A 68 R/T at the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
Another 68 R/T at the
2001 Mopar Nationals.
A view from the rear.
A Gold Metallic R/T!
A Light Green Metallic R/T!
A Burgundy Metallic R/T!
Bob in Cincinnati sends me this very nice convertible. It's Q1 Blue with A/C, AM-FM, woodgrain steering wheel, power windows and matching number 440. Thanks Bob!
A Turbine Bronze Metallic Hemi R/T!
On the cover of April 1968 "Car Life" magazine! The Coronet R/T was the
fastest of these three!
This Hemi R/T comes to me from Ron, and he says it's his wife's car! Thanks Ron!
This R/T comes to me from Bruce, it's a 440 with automatic, and 3.23 gears. It's QQ1 Blue and very Nice! Thanks Bruce!
This R/T looks pretty cool, but would look even better with wheel lip mouldings and the factory exhaust extensions.
This beautiful (RR1) Burgundy Metallic R/T
was @ Carlisle!
A very nicely done engine compartment!
Another look this fine R/T!
A (WW1) White R/T @ the Belvidere Mopar Happening! Hard to keep the blind people out of the pictures sometimes!
A nice looking Red R/T, but what's that hood doing on the roof?
A nice correct white and black interior!
A R/T wearing the optional extra cost (AA1) Buffed Silver Metallic paint! It also has (31H) horizontal Red painted Accent stripes. You had a choice of Bumble-Bee stripes (tape), Accent stripes (painted), or no stripes (deleted).
A (GG1) Racing Green Metallic R/T with a (307) White vinyl roof, and (317) white BB stripe! Thanks to Chris for the picture.
A (RR1) Burgundy Metallic R/T! It looks nice with the white top. Chris sent me the photo.
Same car from the rear. I'd like to see some wheel lip mouldings on these cars, get them from Jack's Auto Parts in New Jersey. Year One has the screws with sealer on the tip. To me, the cars look naked without them...LOL!
A very nice (JJ1) Medium Gold Metallic convertible!
Same car with the top down and ready to go for a cruise!
Another nice looking convertible from Carlisle!
Ken Bowser photo.
A Survivor at Carlisle! White with a Red BB stripe and interior! Cool!
Ken Bowser photo.
Same car perhaps?
Nice Red interior!
Here is a nice R/T from Guy Wade. It has 55k original miles is (PP1) Red and was built February 29th, 1968, a Leap Year.
A Hemi that went through the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.
A (S6C) White & Blue interior! The Hurst shifter came back mid-1968, replacing the Chrysler Inland reverse lockout shifter. This car has rare power windows. It also has the optional (Charger) Rallye dash and Sport woodgrain steering wheel. Nice!
A (GG1) Dark Green R/T.
Dark Green R/T at Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
Same R/T at Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
R/T at Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
Hemi R/T at Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
Another Hemi R/T at Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
Burgundy R/T at Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
Hemi R/T at Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
I like the Red Bumble-Bee stripe over Silver.
Courtesy Ken B.
(SS1) Yellow R/T
Looks a little like the car in the sales brochure.
(BB1) Black R/T.
Top down cruiser.
White & Black shows well.
Profile view.
(UU1) Light Blue Metallic R/T.
R/T @ 2005 Mopar Nats.
Courtesy Adam F.
R/T @ 2005 Mopar Nats.
Courtesy Adam F.
R/T @ 2005 Mopar Nats.
Courtesy Adam F.
Hemi R/T @ 2005 Carlisle.
Courtesy Ken B.
Hemi R/T @ 2005 Carlisle.
Courtesy Ken B.
R/T @ 2005 Mopar Madness show.
R/T @ 2005 Coulee Region Mopar show.
R/T @ 2005 Coulee Region Mopar show.
(RR1) Burgundy R/T.
Looks good with white stripe & top.
R/T @ 2005 Mopars at the Strip in Vegas.
The 440 Magnum in above R/T.