To Bee or Not to Bee?
That is the Question!
Factory Advertisement for the 1969 Superbee and the "Ramcharger" fresh air induction system!
Another Factory Advertisement.
A nice Superbee with the optional "Ramcharger" hood. First available in 1969.
Another Superbee with the "Ramcharger" hood, which was standard with the 426 Hemi. The hardtop made it's debut in 1969. No convertible Superbee's were ever made.
The 383 Magnum was the standard engine, but you could upgrade to the "426 Hemi!" Here is a Black Beauty!
At midyear, Dodge introduced the ultimate Bee! The "440 Six Pack!" I really like this one.
Factory Advertisement for the Six Pack Superbee.
Here is the power plant in the 69 1/2 Superbee 440 Six Pack!
Another gorgeous Six Pack. This one has the optional rear quarter scoops.
Now this has to be a very "Rare" Bee! This is the only one I have ever seen with a ModTop!
Another look at this cool Bee.
I like this Hemi Superbee in Yellow with the dog dish hubcaps. This one belongs to Dino, and was featured in the October/November 1995 issue of Mopar Muscle magazine!
When was the last ime you saw a "White" Six Pack Superbee?
Here is a nice one from Ken Bowser. I don't believe the 383 fender emblems should be there on a car with the Ramcharger hood. The scoop will have a 383 emblem on it instead.
This one was at the Koller Dodge show several years back. I like this color.
This Six Pack Superbee was shot at the Mopar Nationals by Adam.
Another sharp Six Pack.
From Larry in Arizona.
This one comes to me from Ken Bowser. Another Black Beauty!
Yellow with a Tan vinyl top, and black BB stripe. A little different combination.
A Medium Green Metallic coupe. Hood pins became an option during the model year.
I really like this (R6) "Red" Superbee with White contrasting vinyl top, interior, and stripe! Without the "Ramcharger" hood, you got "383 Magnum" emblems on the front fenders. With the Ramcharger hood, you got a "383" emblem on the outside of both hood scoops.
Of course all 1969 Hemi Superbee's came with the "Ramcharger" hood, and had "Hemi" emblems on the scoops.
This Gorgeous Triple Black Superbee belongs to Dave in Michigan. Thanks Dave!
This is one of the new colors that became available in Mid-Year. Dodge called it "Butterscotch" and it looks good on this Six Pack Superbee. Courtesy Diego R.
Nice looking Bright Green Metallic
Six Pack Superbee.
(W1) White 383 Magnum Superbee.
This Beauty was sent to me by Kerry. He says it is (T5) Copper Metallic and one of only two known 4-speed cars that came in this color. Thanks Kerry!
Another nice looking Superbee dressed in Red.
A sharp "Cool Blue" Superbee.
Another nice "Six Pack" Superbee.
A stripe delete car with Mag wheels.
Another 440 Six Pack car.
Courtesy Brian C.
This Superbee resides in England!
Photo from Adam of the MMA-UK.
Another Blue Superbee.
This very sharp Superbee comes to me from Randy in snowy Maine. He says it is R6 Red with a red interior, black vinyl top, and white BB stripe. It is a 383 Magnum car with automatic trans. and 3.23 sure grip. Thanks!
Another picture of Randy's gorgeous 69 Bee! He has now installed the new reproduction wheel lip mouldings from Jack's Auto Parts.
Another picture of Randy's 69 Bee.
This is a (B3) Light Blue Metallic car with the early recalled cast aluminum wheels. It is a 383 Magnum car with the Ramcharger hood, side quarter scoops, white interior and stripe.
A nice looking engine compartment.
The Charger dash was used in the Superbee. It had the all the gauges, 150mph speedometer, and an optional Tic-Toc-Tach. This car also has the optional sport woodgrain steering wheel, AM radio, and floor shift console. You can also see the red pull button cable for the Ramcharger hood warm air doors.
A good look at the rear of the 69 Superbee.
Another view.
Gotta love this Red interior! Standard bench seat, Hurst 4-speed shifter, sport (wood-grain) steering wheel, standard (charger) rallye dash, and an AM-8 track radio.
Here is that AM-8 track a little closer.
(X9) Black Bee @ Spring Fling in California.
(B5) Blue Bee @ the
Belvidere Mopar Happening!
Hemi Superbee @ the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
Ole King Kong himself!
425HP of raw power!
(X9) Black Superbee @ the
2001 Mopar Nationals.
(F8) Dark Green Metallic Superbee
@ the 2001 Mopar Nationals.
(B5) Bright Blue Metallic Superbee
@ the 2001 Mopar Nationals.
(F6) Bright Green Metallic
440 Six Pack "M" code Superbee.
(B7) Medium Blue Metallic Superbee. A very sharp car with a 383, automatic, black interior and Ramcharger hood. Thanks to Scott G. for these great photos!
Side view of this sharp Bee.
A good frontal view.
One more look at this Medium Blue Bee.
Very nice car Scott!
One with dog dish hubcaps.
(Y2) Yellow Hemi Bee.
(96) Butterscotch Six Pack Bee with a Red BB stripe. Now that has to be very Rare!
Another 4-speed (T5) Copper Metallic Six Pack Bee. It is a 70,000 mile car from West Virginia, but now resides in the midwest. Thanks to Andy for these pics.
A Grand Spaulding Dodge Superbee
in (Y4) Light Gold Metallic.
Another view of this sharp Bee.
The view the competition got to see!
This Hemi Bee come to me from Ron, and he says it belongs to his wife. She must be a real Mopar lady! Thanks for the picture Ron!
A sharp looking "Six Pack" Bee
at the West Salem, WI., Mopar show.
Another look at this (R4) Bright Red
coupe with a white interior and stripe.
An original looking "Six Pack" Bee
in (F6) Bright Green Metallic.
This Butterscotch Bee is looking to "Sting" you!
440 Six Pack! 390 Horsepower!
The optional (M46) rear quarter scoops.
Rear side marker housing correctly
painted to match the stripe!
The rear finish panel is blacked out on Bee's!
(B3) Light Blue Metallic Bee.
Another look at this nice coupe,
which was at Carlisle 2002.
(Y2) Yellow Bee with a white top and BB stripe. It's a 383 Magnum 4-speed car built at the Los Angeles plant.
Another view of this sharp Bee.
(T3) Light Bronze Metallic Bee.
Another view of this sharp Bee.
A (B7) Medium Blue Metallic 440 Six Pack Bee from Jeff. It has been restored to where the owner would have added the mag wheels and headers for that hot rod or street machine look.
(F5) Medium Green Metallic Bee with (V1W) White top and (V8W) stripe.
(F8) Dark Green Metallic Bee with (V1X) Black top and (V8X) stripe.
(Q5) Bright Turquoise Metallic Bee with the (N96) "Ramcharger" hood.
(Q5) Bright Turquoise Metallic Bee with a (V8W) stripe.
(A4) Silver Metallic Bee with a (V8X) Black Bumble-Bee stripe.
Another (A4) Silver Metallic Bee with a (V8X) Black Bumble-Bee stripe! Sent to me from Lionel in NH, it was purchased 03-07-69 at the A.W.Lund Company, River Falls Wis.
Another (A4) Silver Metallic Bee with a (V8X) Black Bumble-Bee stripe.
(W1) White.
(W1) White with a
(V8R) Red Bumble-Bee stripe.
(V8R) Red Bumble-Bee stripe.
A very sharp (T5) Superbee from John!
A sharp (R6) Red Superbee
Courtesy Ken Bowser.
(F6) Bright Green Superbee.
A Cool Blue Bee.
(M46) Simulated quarter air-scoop.
Notice the pot metal bezels with black inside.
View from the side showing location on the rear quarter.
The rear wheel opening, this car appeared to have original rear quarters, and you can see the width of the lip. Reproduction quarters are very wide in this area, and need trimming down to look correct.
Rear wheel opening viewed from the back.
Right rear corner of the Bee.
A pretty (T3) Light Bronze Metallic Bee.
Looks good with white vinyl top and stripe.
Another view.
A Tan bench seat interior
with Hurst 4-speed shifter.
Rear seat with color coded seat belts.
The tail-end.
The only known Superbee painted (T7) Dark Bronze Metallic and having a (V8R) Red Bumble-Bee Stripe! It's coded on the fendertag, and is very close to my 70 R/T in Burnt Orange with a Red BB stripe.
This car was for sale, I hope it gets restored back to original.
(V1T) Tan vinyl top.
(M6T) Medium price, vinyl bucket seat,
Tan interior.
(A4) Silver Metallic with a Red interior and (V8R) Red Bumble-Bee stripe. Cool!
Courtesy Ken B. @ Carlisle 2004.
(W1) White with a Red interior
and Red BB stripe.
(T5) Copper Metallic hardtop.
When (V88) Bumble-Bee stripe was deleted, you got this on the rear quarter. I don't believe 383 cars had the chrome exhaust tips, 426 Hemi cars did. (I'm checking on this)
(B5) Bright Blue Metallic coupe with (M46) quarter panel simulated air scoops. Also has (G31) right outside manual rear view mirror.
(N96) Ramcharger fresh air hood package. 22" round top tank radiator says no axle package. (B51) power brakes, drum master cylinder.
(V8W) White Bumble-Bee stripe looks good.
(R6) Red Hemi Coupe.
Another stripe delete car.
Mid-Year options for the 69 Bee were: (J45) Hood Tie Down Pins and (V21) Performance Hood Treatment. Only available with (N96) hood and only the scoops were black.
Many Spring Special cars, such as this one, had the (V21) hood treatment with black scoops.
The door panel on a (M6C) interior. Medium price class bucket seat cars had a nicer interior, same seats and door panels as the higher priced R/T. The plastic plug in the upper door frame should match the upper door frame color.

This is the door panel of a (H2T) tan bench seat interior car. The door panel has a slightly different design and does not have the wood- grain trim. Note the plug is also tan in the upper door frame. Door lock button should be interior color, and did you know they moved it forward on 1969 cars? 1968 doors had the button at the rear of the door.
Emblem on the front fenders when equipped with the standard power bulge hood.
(T5) Copper Metallic hardtop with tan bench seat interior, black vinyl top and stripe.
(Y2) Yellow Six Pack hardtop.
Heading into the show.
(F8) Green hardtop @ Moparfest in Canada.
Courtesy Alan M.
Tow-tone green bench seat interior with Hurst 4-speed shifter. This is the correct shifter and woodgrain ball.
440 Six Pack coupe @ Moparfest, Canada.
Courtesy Alan M.
Triple Green Bee @ Moparfest.
Courtesy Alan M.
(B5) Bright Blue Metallic @ Moparfest.
Courtesy Alan M.
(T5) Copper Metallic @ Moparfest.
Courtesy Alan M.
(Y2) Yellow @ Mopafest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
(T3) Light Bronze Metallic @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
(B7) Medium Blue Metallic @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
(R4) Bright Red @ Chrysler Convention 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
Such a pretty setting for a Hemi!
"Five from the Hive!"
Gorgeous (F6) Bright Green Six Pack Bee.
The 440 Six Pack!
Nice interior with 4-speed and console.
(F8) Dark Green Metallic Super Bee.
383 with A/C, motor was painted turquoise,
not orange.
Beautiful (Y2) Yellow Hemi Super Bee @ Carlisle 2005. Courtesy Ken B.
(Y2) Yellow Six Pack Bee @ Mopars on the Mississippi 2005.
Butterscotch 440 Six Pack Bee @ Carlisle 2005. Courtesy Ken B.
440 Six Pack @ 2005 Mopar Nats.
Courtesy Adam F.
440 Six Pack @ 2005 Granby show in Canada. Courtesy Alan M.
440 Six Pack @ 2005 Granby show in Canada. Courtesy Alan M.
(T5) Copper Metallic Hemi Super Bee @ Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas 2005.
(R4) Bright Red Spring Special Super Bee @ Mopars on the Mississippi 2005.
Another 440 Six Pack Bee @ Granby show in Canada 2005. Courtesy Alan M.