From the 69 Coronet sales brochure.
Also, from the 69 Coronet sales brochure.
Only 483 convertibles were built in 1969.
They only made 10 that were sold in the USA with the 426 Hemi! This is one of the four 4-speed cars.
Another sharp convertible.
Courtesy Ken Bowser.
Same car from the front.
(T3) Light Bronze from Ken Bowser. This car has the optional "Ramcharger" fresh air hood.
The same car from the rear.
It's very nicely restored.
The standard engine in a 1969 Coronet R/T! The 440 Magnum!
The only other engine option, the 426 Hemi! They made 58 with a 4-speed and 39 autos. Plus 4 Canadian, and (?) Export.
A nicely restored (F8) Dark Green Metallic R/T! With the standard hood.
This is the same car at the
Belevidere Mopar Happening!
A sharp Light Blue Metallic Coronet R/T!
(R4) Bright Red Coronet R/T and a convertible to boot!
I really like this White car with the Red contrasting stripe and interior!
(Y2) Yellow convertible.
(T7) Dark Bronze Metallic.
I believe this car is (T5) Copper Metallic.
A frontal view is shown down below.
(X9) Black R/T.
Yellow Coronet R/T convertible!
The stripe looks painted on.
A 426 Hemi Coronet R/T
at the 2000 Mopar Nationals!
A sharp looking Black R/T
with a Red BB stripe!
I like this unusual Gold Metallic R/T with a Green vinyl top! The stripe delete cars got this "R/T" emblem on the rear quarter.
Another view of the same car. It's optioned with the "Ramcharger" hood and rear quarter simulated side scoops.
A Nice (B5) Bright Blue Metallic R/T with contrasting White interior and BB stripe!
I really like this Hemi Orange Coronet R/T convertible with the contrasting White interior, top, and stripe! Picture from Diego.
One of the Rare Hemi convertibles! A stripe delete car in (F5) Green. Picture from Diego.
A Bright Red R/T!
Picture from Diego.
A sharp (T5) Copper Metallic R/T with White contrasting vinyl top and BB stripe! It's optioned with the 440 Magnum engine and "Ramcharger" fresh air hood.
A very nice (F6) Bright Green Metallic R/T at a Koller Dodge show.
A (B3) Light Blue Metallic Coronet R/T.
A very nice (F8) Dark Green Metallic Coronet R/T convertible.
Another Coronet R/T convertible, in (B5) Bright Blue Metallic.
This one belongs to C.W. Icard, and is Black with a black interior, it's a 440 Magnum with floor shifted automatic and 3.23 sure grip. His son, Bob, sent this picture, thanks!
X9 Black with a Red interior and Red Bumble-Bee stripe, COOL!
(P6L) Champagne & Black?
or something made up?
Ramcharger hood, rear quarter scoops, and Red stripe, what more do you need?
This (F8) R/T was at the
2000 Mopar Nationals!
A very rare two-tone paint Hemi R/T!
The same car from the front.
(W1) White R/T!
A convertible at the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
A rear view.
Another blue convertible!
A gorgeous (Q5) Bright Turquoise Metallic R/T in attendance at Carlisle! Thanks to the owner for letting me get these nice shots!
Another view of this nice R/T! I find that pictures just don't do this color justice.
A view from the rear.
Nice interior, 4-speed with a console and the optional A62 (charger) rallye dash! Should have a woodgrain shifter ball.
A rare Hemi R/T that was for sale at Carlisle! Equipped with the rare recall cast aluminum road wheels, but needs wheel lip mouldings.
Another look from the rear.
Another R/T that was at Carlisle! Blue with a black top, white interior and white BB stripe, and looks tough with those mag wheels!
One more look...
A very sharp R/T convertible sent to me by Doug in Iowa. Thanks and very nice car!
(A4) Silver Metallic.
The same car from rear. This is the first R/T in this color that I can ever remember seeing.
(T5) R/T @ Carlisle 2003.
Courtesy Ken B.
R/T at Carlisle 2003.
Courtesy Ken B.
(F3) Light Green Metallic R/T!
A closer look at the front, notice the fender mounted turn signal indicators.
A closeup of the hood scoop.
This is the standard R/T dash! Notice the woodgrain bezel with the R/T logo. The shifter is a 68 or older style, and not correct.
A look from the driver's side! Notice the standard steering wheel, and 150mph speedometer. The 69 R/T did NOT have medallions on the inside upper door frame, like the 1967 & 1968 cars.
This is the optional (A62) Rallye Dash in a 1969 R/T! The seat covers are wrong, but the shifter is correct, and it also has the optional (S81) Sport woodgrain steering wheel. This dash was black and did NOT have a R/T emblem above the glove box.
When the standard Bumble-Bee stripe was deleted (V88), you then got these "R/T" emblems on the rear quarters. You could get one or the other, not both!
A sharp Triple Green R/T.
A good view of the front end.
A sharp Black Velvet R/T!
Courtesy Ken B.
Same car from the side.
Courtesy Ken B.
(B7) Medium Blue Metallic.
Same car from the side.
(T5) Copper Metallic
Courtesy Ken B.
A picture from the old days, early 80's.
Those Cragars and big tires were in style!
A sharp (F6) R/T.
(F8) Dark Green Metallic @ Moparfest.
Courtesy Alan M.
(Y2) Yellow convertible with (W23) recalled cast aluminum wheels. (recalled 9/13/68)
(W1) White convertible that belongs to Doug.
@ Mopars in the Park, Shakopee, Minnesota.
Doug has it looking pretty nice.
Unique rear tail-light panel simulates a third center light.
(X9) Black @ Chrysler Convention show.
Courtesy Ken B.
(V1W) White vinyl top & (V8W) White Bumble-Bee stripe. Courtesy Ken B.
(F8) Dark Green @ Great Barrington Mopar show. Courtesy Ken B.
(F8) Dark Green @ Great Barrington Mopar show. Courtesy Ken B.
(V88) Stripe delete.
Courtesy Ken B.
(F8) Green @ Belvidere Mopar Happening show 2004.
(F8) Green @ Belvidere Mopar Happening show 2004.
(L31) Fender mounted turn signal indicators.
(C16) Console with Hurst 4-speed shifter and optional (A62) Rallye dash.
(F6) Bright Green @ Mopars on the Mississippi 2004.
(F6) Bright Green @ Mopars on the Mississippi 2004.
(B7) Medium Blue @ Monster Mopar Weekend 2004.
(B7) Medium Blue @ Monster Mopar Weekend 2004.
(T5) Copper @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
@ Moparfest 2004.
Courtesy Alan M.
(Q5) Turquoise @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
(Q5) Turquoise @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
(B3) Light Blue @ Iola 2004.
(R6) Red R/T.
Looks like the car in factory pictures.
Scott's R/T in New Jersey.
Pretty R/T that was on E-Bay.
(Y4) Gold Metallic project R/T.
(B5) Blue R/T.
Was for sale on E-Bay.
(A4) Silver Metallic R/T.
(A4) Silver Metallic R/T.
(F3) Light Green Metallic R/T.
(V88) Stripe deleted.
Nicely designed backend.
(B5) Blue convertible @ the 2005 Mopar Nationals. Courtesy Adam F.
(F8) Dark Green Metallic survivor @ the Mopar Magic Weekend in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Looks like a nice solid car.
(Y2) Yellow R/T courtesy Ken B.
(Y2) Yellow R/T courtesy Ken B.
(T5) Copper Metallic convertible.
Courtesy Alan M.
(T5) Copper Metallic convertible.
Courtesy Alan M.