From the 1970 Coronet sales brochure.
You had two choices, hardtop or convertible.
Here is the color breakdown for US sold cars.
These figures are based off factory percentages.
A total of "296" Coronet R/T convertibles were built in 1970, with "236" built for the US. Here is a sharp Bright Blue Metallic one!   13.1% or (31) were this color for USA production.
This is the lone Canadian "Hemi" convertible. The USA sold car is unknown, and there is "1" Export car. This color, Dark Tan Metallic, came on 2.5% or (6) convertible R/T's.
The same car from above, it has been featured in several Mopar magazines.
The interior for this car. It has the optional Rallye dash, AM/8-track radio, Sport woodgrain steering wheel, and console for the Hurst pistol grip 4-speed shifter. Very Nice!
This is the Export "Hemi" convertible. Now if we just knew where the US car was, and what it looked like? It's rumoured to be crushed....
Here's a "Go Mango" with dog dish hubcaps! This extra cost "Hi-Impact" color came on 7.7% or (166) hardtop R/T's.
Looking from the rear, it is optioned with the rear wing spoiler, which wasn't available until about January 1970.
Dodge offered more stripe color choices in 1970. I like the Blue stripe on this White R/T, this color came on 2.2% or (47) hardtops.
It's also equipped with a blue interior. Notice the "R/T" above the glove box, I believe only the non rallye dash cars had these.
The new for 1970 Hurst "Pistol Grip" shifter. Gotta love that design!
This car also has the optional "Ramcharger" fresh air hood and hood tie down pins.
One of the "13" Hemi cars! Owned by Rik Smits of the Indiana Pacers, it's one of the nine automatic cars.
A sharp "Plum Crazy" car with contrasting white top, interior, and stripe! This "Hi-Impact" color was represented on 9.9% or (213) hardtop R/T's.
The 440 Six Pack was available in the R/T for the first time. "194" came in the hardtop, and only "16" in a convertible!
R/T's used a special tail-light panel. This is the view the losers saw.   9% or (194) hardtops came in this Hi-Impact color called "Banana."
Not a bad looking convertible.
A Sublime convertible at the 2000 Mopar Nationals, 14% or (33) convertible R/T's came in this color.
I was delighted to see this car at the Nationals, because I have one just like it, well almost. Mine is a 440 Six Pack and has a "Red" Bumble-Bee stripe. This is a Burnt Orange car with a matching interior and White top, as does mine.
The same car from a different angle. Hopefully, someday mine will look this good. You can see mine under "My Cars."
This one was at the Mopar Nationals too.
Very Nice!
"Hemi Orange" with contrasting White stripe and interior!   This Hi-Impact" color came on 7.6% or (166) of the hardtop R/T's built.
This car comes to me from across the Pond! Make sure you page down to read all about it. Light Green Metallic came on 5.1% or (110) hardtops.
Another shot of Adam's R/T.
Adam's R/T in front of New Haven Harbour in old England. Nice Shot!
Another one with a Blue stripe! Only 2.5% or (6) convertible R/T's were White.
An (EF8) Dark Green Metallic R/T, 9.3% or (200) hardtops were this color.
Looks like another (EF8) R/T, that looks lighter in the sunshine. I like the white BB stripe.
A nice Bright Blue Metallic R/T! Notice the orange around the black in the grilles. Bright Blue Metallic (EB5) came on 9.5% or (205) hardtops.
A nice closeup of the front end on a 70 R/T. Strange that some cars have the orange stripe around the black and some don't?
Some nice options on this car include: tachometer, sport (wood grain) steering wheel, and console. The pedal dress up chrome trim, 150mph speedometer, bucket seats, and woodgrain trim was standard equipment.
This is one of the very rare "Hemi" car's! Burnt Orange was the most popular color on a 70 R/T, with 11.6% or (250) hardtops this color.
This car is a 32,000 mile survivor, and still in it's original condition, thus it is a great reference for your restoration.
This is the original engine compartment.
A nice frontal shot.
I have to give thanks to John in New Jersey for these great pictures!   Click and page down to read the history of this great R/T convertible.
This Light Gold Metallic (FY4) 1970 Coronet R/T belongs to Rick. It is equipped with a 440 Magnum engine, automatic with console, rare Gator Grain vinyl top, light package, Ramcharger hood, hood pins, and bumper guards. This is a fairly rare color, only coming on 3.3% or approximately 71 cars.
It is a 90,000 mile original that will be a very sharp car once restored.
A pretty blue convertible.
This R/T was at the
Belvidere Mopar Happening.
This convertible was at the
Belvidere Mopar Happening.
This convertible was at the 2001 Mopar Nationals!   11.4% or 27 convertibles were (FE5) Bright Red like this one.
Another convertible at the
2001 Mopar Nationals.
A view from the rear.
and with the top down.
Another convertible at the 2001 Mopar Nationals. This is the only known white one with a blue stripe!
It's still wearing most of it's original paint and the stripe is original.
This Gold Metallic R/T was at the
2001 Mopar Nationals.
Another R/T at the
2001 Mopar Nationals.
Another convertible at the
2001 Mopar Nationals.
(FY1) Banana R/T at the 16th annual Chrysler Convention in Vernon, Connecticut.
I really like the yellow offset with the white top, stripe, and interior. Courtesy Ken B.
Another look, from the rear.
Thanks to Ken Bowser for these pics.
Another Gold Metallic R/T.
A stunning "Go Mango" R/T sent to me from Dave, who is the 3rd owner. With only 53,000 original miles, it has a 4-speed without console, Ramcharger hood, and black vinyl top & stripe. Thanks very much Dave!
Chris came to Wisconsin and took home to Kentucky this nice convertible. Thanks!
Another shot of Chris's R/T.
(FY1) Banana convertible R/T. 5.9% or 14 of the convertibles built were this color.
A good look at the M46
simulated rear quarter air scoop.
(EB5) Bright Blue Metallic R/T with a (V8B) Blue Bumble-Bee stripe! Very Cool!
Courtesy Ken B.
This was an available combination and very rare. As good as it looks, I wonder why?
Courtesy Ken B.
(EB5) Blue with a blue interior, a white vinyl top, and white BB stripe. Has that 70's look!
(FJ5) Sublime with a Black interior and Bumble-Bee stripe.
(FK5) Dark Burnt Orange Metallic.
440 Magnum with the fresh air
"Ramcharger" induction system.
(TX9) Black convertible.
Interior with the optional Rallye dash.
A nice looking Dark Green R/T.
Courtesy Chris E.
A good look at the cool front of the 70 R/T.
A rear angle view.
A beautiful Sublime & White R/T!
Really a standout Combination!
(EV2) Hemi Orange @ Mopars in the Park, Shakopee, Minnesota 2004
(EK2) Go Mango @ Mopars in the Park, Shakopee, Minnesota 2004
(EK2) Go Mango @ Mopars in the Park, Shakopee, Minnesota 2004
Equipped with optional Rallye Dash and Sport woodgrain steering wheel.
(EK2) Go Mango @ Mopars in the Park, Shakopee, Minnesota 2004
(EK2) Go Mango @ the RTS Mopar Show in Omaha, Nebraska. Courtesy Doug H.
(EV2) Hemi Orange @ Moparfest
Courtesy Alan M.
(TX9) Black with (V8R) Red stripe
project R/T.
Looks like a good solid find.
(FE5) Bright Red convertible.
(EK2) Go Mango convertible.
(EV2) Hemi Orange hardtop.
Has the wrong wheel centers,
but is a nice looking car.
(EF8) Dark Green Metallic R/T @ 2006 Mopar Nats. Courtesy Adam F.
(EF8) Dark Green Metallic R/T @ 2006 Mopar Nats. Courtesy Adam F.
(EB5) Bright Blue Metallic convertible @ 2006 Mopar Madness show in Naperville, Illinois.
The 1970 440 Magnum.
Here is the rare optional (S83) Rim Blow steering wheel.
"R/T" emblem on the right side of the standard dash. (A62) Rallye dash option did not have this emblem.
The (M46) fiberglas quarter scoop that was standard equipment on the 1970 Coronet R/T.
Tail panel with "DODGE" and "R/T" emblems.
Owner added (V8B) Blue Bumble-Bee stripe.
Looks better when viewing in person.
Looks like a fun ride.
Here it is @ the 2006 Belvidere Mopar Happening, and you can see the Blue stripe a little better. It looks good.
This sharp (FY4) Gold Metallic R/T belongs to Rocky in Indiana.
It sold new at Tom Matson Valley Motors in Auburn, Washington.
440 Magnum with automatic, console, and black interior.