1970 Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible
Owned by John Pasemann , Millington NJ

His story........

One of 203 R/T Convertibles built in 1970 with the 440-4 / Automatic drive train. This R/T is a "Survivor" with 32,000 original miles. The car was originally owned by the Chrysler Corporation itself and was assigned to a zone-rep in Southeastern PA. As shown on the broadcast sheet, the car did not come with chrome exhaust tips, and has the special distributor associated with the California emissions package. Also the car does not have a sure-grip rear and was ordered with manual drum brakes and full wheel covers.

After the zone-rep turned in the car, he asked the owner of Weathers Dodge, a small dealer in Delaware County, PA; if they could obtain the car so he could purchase from them, but the zone-rep failed to keep his end of the deal and the car sat at the dealership for almost a year. Finally the owner of Weathers Dodge convinced his neighbor to buy the car for his wife's use as a Sunday driver.

The Wife used the car as a fair weather driver, storing it in the garage when not in use. In 1975, while backing out the right side quarter panel was damaged which was repaired and repainted. In 1979, they decided to trade the car in on a new dodge, so they went to Weathers to make a deal. The owner of the dealership told his son that the car was available, as he knew his son always admired the car. The son (now 18) purchased the car before they traded it in, several weeks after he graduated high school.

The son drove the car for the summer, but when he started college in the fall he soon realized that he could not afford the gas for the convertible! He stored the car at his fathers dealership in a barn, alongside a 1918 Dodge Bros. Touring car, which is still there to this day! He took the car on occasional drives and used it during the summers. He graduated college, but soon work, a new wife and family demanded his time and the car sat tucked away in the barn.

When the son purchased a new home with a two car garage the car was moved to the new garage, where it sat, largely unused and taken out to the occasional car show. The R/T was always cared for mechanically and the only parts that have been replaced are the tires and exhaust, the original unprotected steel pipes having gotten weak from condensation.

In early 1999 the son (and his growing family) decided to sell the R/T to finance a new Durango. One of the service mechanic's from the Weathers Dodge dealership (still family owned) told a local collector who immediately contacted the owner and arranged to buy the car. The collector then cleaned up the R/T, carefully hand polished all the paint and drove the convertible to local shows and cruise nights.

The collector then began to get "Hemi Fever". Although he had owned over 60 Mopar's he had never had a Hemi car, so he began to search for a Hemi car using the R/T as potential trade material. A three car deal was shaping up with another collector in Kansas where the R/T convertible and a 6-pack Challenger would be traded for a Hemi GTX. The owner in Kansas decided he did not want the 70 R/T convertible but did remember seeing a "wanted" ad for one in Mopar Collectors Guide. It was my ad! He called me and told me about the 70 Coronet R/T convertible for sale in PA and figured if I bought the car, the trade could be made with the 6-pack car and cash.

I drove down to see the R/T the next day and bought it on the spot. I had been searching for a 70 Coronet convertible for 6 months and had never seen one this nice or this original. I had looked at several restored cars which where technically nicer, but this one was all original with a lot of paperwork and a great story!

This car has never been advertised for sale! In it's 30+ year lifetime it has been sold 5 times and they where all by word of mouth. Only 203 automatic and 99 4-speed 70 Coronet R/T convertibles where built and this one is one of the lowest mileage original "Survivors" left in existence today. Convertible's led a hard life and the "water drainage" system used to direct water that seeped past the top left a lot to be desired, causing rot and rust that led to the ultimate end of most convertible B-bodies.

The original top, glass, paint, engine and interior are as you see them today, including the original 1970 Scat Pack Bee's on the rear quarter windows. They where placed there by the factory to connote the muscle status of this R/T.