The Coronet was relegated to a family sedan in 1971, so the Super Bee continued on as a Charger. This is the 1971 Scat Pack brochure cover. 1971 was the last, and lowest production, year, as only 5,054 total were built. 4,325 were built to U.S. specs., and the rest were Canadian and Export cars.
Factory advertisement for the 1971 Super Bee! There were lots of options available this year. The standard engine was the 383 Magnum, and optional was the 440 Six Pack, and 426 Hemi. Later in the model run, a few 340 and 440 4bbl cars were built, the low production numbers are: 320 with the 340, and only 26 with the 440-4bbl.
Another factory advertisement! Some new Superbee options available were: A45 - spoiler package, M73 - colored bumpers (front & rear), A09 - concealed headlamps package, and M51 - power sunroof, of which only 9 were built.
One of my very favorite Mopar colors is - (FJ6) Green Go! And this one is Bee-autiful! The owner's of this car have done a fantastic job restoring it. It shows up at local shows around here, so I get to see it fairly often.
The same car from the rear, at the Mopars on the Mississippi show. It stands out in the crowd!
The standard 383 Magnum engine in this car is detailed to concours condition! It is a very good reference, if you need one.
Here it is one more time. Very Nice!
Thanks Sharon for letting me get these pictures!
This one is (FC7) Plum Crazy Metallic, an extra cost Hi-impact color!
After a one year hiatus, Dodge brought back (EL5) Butterscotch in 1971!   It was first introduced in mid-year 1969 on the 440 Six Pack Super Bee.
A (FE5) Bright Red Super Bee!
How about a (GA4) Light Gunmetal Metallic Hemi! They only made 22 of these for the US,   9 with a 4-speed and 13 with an automatic! There is 1 Canadian car known also.
This (GB5) Bright Blue Metallic was a slightly new shade in 1971!
This (GY3) Citron Yella car is very well optioned with: concealed headlamps, spoiler package, "Ramcharger" fresh air hood, dual painted racing mirrors, front bumper guards, hood tie down pins, and rallye wheels.
A standout pair at the Mopar Nationals a few years back, Citron Yella and Green Go!
Front end view of an (EV2) Hemi Orange car! These grilles are actually 1972's. 71's did not have the vertical bars and were all horizontal.
This car appears to be (FY1) Top Banana, which was supplanted by Citron Yella early on, but it made a return later in the year!
A good frontal (reference) view!
A good rear (reference) view!
A right rear corner view!
A good view of the fender, notice the placement of the "Super Bee" emblem, and the Bee decal!
The cockpit of the 71 Super Bee! This one is well optioned with: bucket seats, console, AM/FM radio, power windows, "Tuff" steering wheel, pedal dress up trim, and tachometer!
A nice shot of the standard Super Bee hood, and the performance stripe treatment!
Another (FE5) Bright Red Super Bee with the concealed headlamps. Notice that it has the standard left-hand outside manual chrome rear view mirror.
This Super Bee has the colored bumper package! These were only available with six colors: (GY3) Citron Yella, (FJ6) Green Go, (EV2) Hemi Orange, (GB5) Bright Blue Metallic, (FC7) Plum Crazy Metallic, and (GF7) Dark Green Metallic.
Another profile view. This car is missing the Super Bee emblem and Bee decal.
I really like this cool shot!
Are you ready to go cruisin?
A view from down low!   This appears to be a Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge Super Bee!
A view from above!   This car is well optioned!   How many do you see?
A nice Super Bee at the
2001 Mopar Nationals!
The same car from a different angle.
And once more, Nice Car!
A look at the fender emblem and decal. The decal follows the emblem, so it will be in the front on the passenger side and in the rear on the driver's side. This is factory correct!
"Charger Super Bee, Dodge Division"
I like Green Go! This one was at
the 2001 Mopar Nationals.
Another view, Nice Car!
This very rare Butterscotch Superbee was sent to me by Tom! It is a geniune 440 Magnum car, which makes it 1 of 26!
This Super Bee is (GK6) Dark Bronze Metallic!
This Super Bee is 1 of the 22 Hemi cars!
It is (GA4) Light Gunmetal Metallic in color.
This Super Bee has the colored bumper and spoiler packages, as well as painted racing mirrors, hood pins, and A/C for those hot days!
Thanks to Sharon for the pic!
This one has the Ramcharger fresh air hood and non factory wheels. Thanks to Sharon for the pic!
Another one of the 26 that came with
a 440 4bbl engine!
This Bright Red Super Bee comes to me from Scott. It's a 383 car and it's original color was Butterscotch. He says it's for sale. Thanks Scott!
This Hemi Orange Super Bee is an all original survivor car that has been in the same family since brand new. It's completely original, never been repainted or had anything changed.
Here is another view of this great survivor!
Very Nice! Thanks Rick!
Here is a Butterscotch Bee from Joe!
It has that 70's look with Mag wheels.
Another view of the Butterscotch Bee from Joe!
A "Green Go" Bee posing with yellow dandelions!
A Bright Blue Metallic Bee that's a (V68) stripe delete! It's still owned by the original owner and has 65K original miles, and it sold brand new in Wausau, Wisconsin!
Another look at this nice Bee! It's a 383 Magnum, 4-speed car with console, and has a blue interior!
A (FY1) Top Banana Bee!
I'm not too crazy about those wheels!
A very rare (GW3) Brite White 426 Hemi Super Bee! Some things are incorrect or missing, such as the fender emblems and hood mounted turn signal indicators.
Adding to the rarity of this car is the factory sunroof!
(EL5) Butterscotch with a white vinyl top! Cool!
Down by the River!
An original Hemi Bee that sold at the Barrett Jackson Auction in Arizona.
Another view of this Hemi Bee!
A (FE5) Bright Red Super Bee!
A (TX9) Black Bee!
It's a Rare 340 Magnum car, 1 of 320 made!
Here you can see the peformance hood treatment.
One of the rare Hemi Super Bee's.
(GB5) Blue with not many options. The Ramcharger hood was standard with the 426 Hemi option.
A nice looking engine compartment.
White bench seat interior with column shift automatic.
A Top Banana 440 Six Pack @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
Another view of this sharp Bee.
Courtesy Ken B.
A Hemi @ Carlisle 2004.
Courtesy Ken B.
A Citron Yella Bee coming to the Belvidere Mopar Happening.
At the Mopar Happening, Boone County Fairgrounds 2004.
Recognize this guy?
It's none other than Richard Petty!
(GB5) Bright Blue Metallic @ Iola 2004.
(GK6) Dark Bronze Metallic.
1 of the 26 440 Magnum cars.
Nice profile.
Lots of interior options.
Nice looking interior.
No exhaust tips, must be California ready.
Trunk and spare tire layout.
(GY8) Gold Metallic Super Bee.
(FE5) Bright Red Super Bee @ 2005 Carlisle.
Courtesy Ken B.
(FJ6) Green Go Super Bee.