My 1969 Dodge Superbee
       In 1982, my uncle moved to Waldron, Arkansas, and I was stationed at England AFB, near Alexandria, Louisiana. At that time there were quite a few old Mopars to be found lurking in the shadows. I remember the first time I visited my uncle and he was telling me about all the Mopars he had seen sitting around. I bought a 66 Plymouth Satellite for $200 in Arkansas. Later a 66 Dodge Charger for $125 out of a salvage yard in Louisiana. These cars were relatively rust free, and to a northern lad from Wisconsin who was used to seeing rusty cars everywhere, were like finding gold. I wanted to buy and save every car I saw. In 1983, my uncle called and said he found this 69 Superbee. He said it wasn't too bad and could be had for $750. A deal too good to pass up, I bought it sight unseen. It was optioned with the "Ramcharger" fresh air hood package and still had the airbox under the hood. The original "383 Magnum" engine was long gone and in it's place was a tired 360 small block. A triple green car - body, interior, and vinyl top; it was also a stripe delete car. The vinyl top was all but gone and the interior was rough. I was pleased to find the broadcast sheet still under the back seat, and the fender tag still attached. Other options are: Hi-Perf. axle pkg. (3.91 rear axle), automatic with console floor shift, power steering, AM radio, bucket seats, head restraints, 3-speed wipers, rear seat speaker, wood grain steering wheel, door edge protectors, and it was a sold car when built. It sat in Arkansas for over a year and then we towed it to my home in Wisconsin. It has sat in my garage and barn for all this time, while I gathered parts here and there. I found a Hemi radiator in a junk pile for $40, but a new core cost $130. I bought a rusted out 69 Roadrunner for the 383 engine for $500, and it had 55,000 original miles on it. I have many interior pieces for it, a new vinyl top, another set of bumpers, and more. My brother-n-law sprayed the engine compartment and I have the 383 engine installed and all detailed. It looks pretty good, I even have correct dated coded plug wires, an orginal top radiator hose, and original air filter for the big oval aircleaner. Heck I have had the Guru himself, Galen Govier, even look it over and give me advice. I'm not letting him drive it though, he blew up the 340 engine I had in my Challenger. This "Bee" is hopefully gonna get done in a year or two....................Andy440