1969 1/2 Plymouth Roadrunner (RM21M9)
       This month I feature one of the fastest musclecars from the era. They were built as a 383 car, but the A12 Engine Conversion Package option, caused the standard 383 to be removed for favor of a powerful 440 6-BBl engine. Standard with this package came a lift off fiberglas hood, 4.10 Dana rear axle, special wheels in 15x6" with chrome lug nuts, and G70x15" redline tires. Two scheduled build dates were used, March 29th, and April 26th, but the car's were actually built at different times then these dates. This car belongs to my brother-n-law, and is a real X9 black car. It's a bucket seat 4-speed coupe originally, but currently has an automatic. It has ran at Tri-State Raceway in Earlsville, Iowa, to the tune of 12.3 @ 107 mph. Not bad for a street driven musclecar!