1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT (PH23U0)
1971 Plymouth Sport Fury (PH23U1)
       This month I feature two cars that don't get too much recognition. They were members of the "Rapid Transit System."   7, 254 Sport Fury's were built in 1970, with the GT production lumped in this total. The Sport Fury GT came standard with the 440 Super Commando engine. In 1970 only, you could actually get the 440 6-BBL engine as an option in the Sport Fury GT. Only 61 US cars were built, 3 Canadian, and unknown Export. Making it a very rare car! Sport Fury production in 1971 was 3,912 total, with 375 Sport Fury GT's. Both of these cars were at Carlisle, and the 71 is painted the "Hi-Impact" color "Curious Yellow!" The Sport Fury name was discontinued after 1971, and the top of line Fury became the Gran Fury.