1972 Plymouth Roadrunner (RM23H2R)
       This month I am featuring another pretty rare Mopar. They built 7,628 total Roadrunner's during model year 1972, but only 329 came with the 340 and 4-speed transmission. This (FE5) Rallye Red feature car with (D6XW) deluxe bucket seat black and white interior is a beauty. This car was built at the Windsor, Ontario, Canada assembly plant, but sold in the USA. Some of the options are; (B51) power brakes, (C16) console, (P31) power windows, (R11) AM radio, and (S84) "Tuff" steering wheel. Spoilers were not available in 1972, so these were added by the owner, but look good on it. The 72 Raodrunner was still a very nice looking car, and still representing the Rapid Transit System in fine fashion.   "Beep!"   "Beep!"