1972 Plymouth Roadrunner/GTX (RM23U2)
       This month I am featuring another pretty rare car. In 1972, the GTX as a seperate model was no more. Instead, you could now order the 440 4-BBL Hi-Performance engine in the Roadrunner, which gave it GTX badging. They didn't sell too many of these models, only 672 total, of which (219) came with the pistol grip shifted 4-speed, and (453) came with the 727 automatic. This example is even rarer as it has the optional sun roof, which required a vinyl top. This car looks really good in TX9 Black, which they got a little carried away with on the front bumper. I like the factory striping coming out of the 440 hood bezels. This car also has the optional dual painted racing mirrors, rallye wheels, and hood mounted turn signal indicators. A very rare Roadrunner and still a looker in 1972, as a member of Plymouth's Rapid Tranist System.....photos courtesy Ken Bowser.