1969 Plymouth `Cuda 440 (BH29M9B)
       Let's do another A-body! This month I feature another big block car, and one of the very rarest! This car was at Carlisle, and it is 1 of 360, which is the combined numbers for the fastback and the hardtop. No further breakdown is available. In 1969, Plymouth and Dodge decided to install their largest cubic inch engine in these smaller cars. Following Mr Norm's success with this installation in 1968, the Dart GTS 440 and the `Cuda 440 (A13 package) were made available to the public from any dealer, but not many were sold. They are very rare! With so much weight on the front end, they wouldn't corner as well as a 340, but for straight line acceleration, they were awesome! Provided you installed some drag slicks, so you could get some traction, otherwise smokin the rear tires was always fun, but not good in a race. Let the beat go on...and on...and on... The Plymouth heartbeat!