1967 Dodge Dart GTS 383 (LP23H72)
       Did somebody say, "where are the A-bodies?", well okay, here is one, and a very rare one at that. The GT Sport was introduced late in the 1967 model year, and it debuted with a big block 383 4BBL engine. Because of the restrictive exhaust manifolds, it was rated at a lower 280 horsepower. Power steering was not available this year with the 383, and disc brakes were a manditory option. You had a choice of standard or fast ratio manual steering. Only (457) Darts came with the 383 in 1967, (229) with a 4-speed, and (228) with the automatic transmission. Making them very rare today. This very sharp Dart GTS 383 was at last year's Carlisle show. It is painted in the optional extra cost buffed silver metallic paint.