1969 Plymouth GTX (RS23L9)
       This month I feature a 1969 GTX in (A4) Platinum Metallic. They made 14,902 total hardtops, 14,048 for US sale.  Of these, 13,866 had the 440 Super Commando engine; 9,862 of these had an automatic, and 4,004 had a 4-speed. Only 197 had the optional 426 Hemi engine, with an equal number (98) of each trasmission. This one has the optional (N96) Air-Grabber hood, (V21) performance hood treatment, (L31) fender mounted turn signal indicators, (V1X) Black vinyl top, and (M81) front bumber guards. It also has redline tires and chrome styled road wheeels. It all makes for a very nice looking musclecar from Plymouth, "The Boss!"