1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 (LM23P9)
       Let's do another A-body! This month I feature a 1969 Dart Swinger 340. It was designed to be a mini Roadrunner type vehicle, affordable with nice power. Dodge actually advertised 6000rpm for $3000. It must have appealed to quite a few people, as 16,637 were sold in the USA. This one is (F8) Dark Green Metallic, with a (V1F) green vinyl top, black interior, and a (V8W) White Bumble-Bee stripe. It's wearing the optional (W18) Simulated Mag Style wheel covers. Swingers did not have the grille blacked out like the GTS. Swingers were a quick econo member of the Scat Pack. The Cars with the Bumble-Bee stripes!