1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda (BS23J0B)
       This month I am featuring one of the limited edtion AAR Cuda's named after Dan Guerney's All American Racers, which raced one of these in the Trans Am circuit in 1970. They only made 2,724 of these cars in 1970, and for one year only. They only came with one motor, the 340 Six Barrel. This car is (FJ6) Sassy Grass Green with a (H6X9) black interior. It also has the (A01) Light Group, (A62) Rallye Gauges, (B51) Power Brakes, (C16) Console, (G36) Dual Painted Racing Mirrors, and (D32) Automatic Transmission. A very nice example of the Rapid Transit System from Plymouth for 1970.