1969 Plymouth Roadrunner (RM21J9A)
       This month I am featuring another pretty rare car. They made 356 Hemi Roadrunner coupe's in 1969, with 194 of them being 4-speeds, such as this one. When is the last time you saw a (Q5) Seafoam Turquoise Metallic Hemi Roadunner? Not as popular as some of the other colors offered, I would say not too many were made. This fine example was at the Monster Mopar show at Gateway International Raceway in Illinois. This Beeper comes with the Super Track Pak 4.10 Dana rear axle, power disc brakes, tinted glass, 3-speed variable wipers, Air-Grabber hood, AM/FM radio, Sport woodgrain steering wheel, black vinyl top, and black bench seat interior. Which makes for an interesting combination of options. The 69 Roadrunner was named Motor Trend's "Car of the Year!" and here you see why. Great looks and an awesome motor! "Beep! Beep!"