1969 Plymouth `Cuda 440 (BH29M9B)
       This month I am featuring another very rare Mopar. They only made 360 of these A-body Plymouth's in 1969 with the (A13) 440 engine conversion package. Thus you don't see too many of these monster motor bombs. This example is (B5) Blue Fire Metallic with the (H6B) blue bucket seat interior. All these cars were special order, and the package consisted of : console, automatic transmission only, hood scoops, hood tape treatment, black lower body stripes, black grille, "440 Cuda" fender decals, and sure grip rear axle with 3.55 or 3.91 ratio. This car is also a radio delete car, with manual brakes and manual steering. I think they had weight reduction and going faster in mind when they built this one. These cars were awesome in a straight line, but a little nose heavy in the corners. None the less, they are great collector cars today, and highly prized.