"Mid-Year changes and introductions!"

2/1/68 - Wide sill mouldings were offered as an option on the Charger model.

2/1/68 - The transmission availability on the new Superbee model was clarified. The 4-speed would be standard, torqueflite optional, and 3-speed not available.

2/23/68 - Bright Red paint (code 33) was available for the Charger. Locking gas cap (code 538) was added to the Charger model options.

8/30/68 - Luggage rack for the Charger was delayed until early September

9/9/68 - The 440 Magnum engine was released as standard on the Charger 500 (XX29). Early Charger 500's were (XS29).

9/18/68 - Power Sun Roof (code M51) was released for the Charger R/T. A vinyl roof was required with this option. Not available on the Charger 500.

11/6/68 - Because of a torque retention problem, the Cast Center Road Wheels (code W23) were cancelled from production.

12/5/68 - Bright Green paint (code F6) was released for the Coronet R/T, Superbee, and Charger R/T. This new color came only with black, or black & white, interior trims.

12/5/68 - The Protection Group (code A05) was released for production.

2/4/69 - Deluxe 15-inch wheel covers (code W11) were released for the Hemi engine only.
Bright Red paint (code R4) was released for the Superbee and R/T with black, black & white, and tan interiors.
Performance Hood paint (code V21) was released for the Charger R/T.

3/3/69 - The Superbee Six Pack was introduced on the WM21 and WM23 models. This package (code A12) showcased the new 440-6V engine. It was offered in four Hi-Impact colors: Bright Red (R4), Bright Green (F6), Bright Yellow (color was written on order form), and Hemi Orange (V2).

3/3/69 - Hemi Orange paint (code V2) was released effective with mid-March production.

4/7/69 - Chrome hood hold-down pins (code J45) were released for Superbee, Coronet R/T, and Charger R/T. Hood hinges and front latch were retained.

4/7/69 - A Scat Pack Spring special package (code A39 with vinyl roof and code A40 without) was released. Contents were: air scoop Ramcharger hood, chromed hood pins, special hood paint treatment, three-speed windshield wipers, and F70x14 raised white letter tires (code T87) or F70x14 red streak tires (code T85). This package was not available with: radio group, floral roof, air conditioning, speed control, Hemi engine, trailer towing package, fender mounted turn signal indicators, or 440 Six Pack engine.

4/15/69 - Charger Daytona was released (model XX29, code A11). The Charger 500 restrictions applied.

4/15/69 - Butterscotch paint (code 96) was released for the Superbee Six Pack.

10/20/69 - A rear wing spoiler (code J81) painted dull black was made an option on the Superbee, Coronet R/T, and Charger R/T.

11/12/69 - The Charger R/T received a new "Performance Hood Treatment" (code V24). The "440" and "Hemi" insignias were spelled out in block letters with silver reflective tape on both sides of the hood treatment.

2/12/70 - Dual color-coded mirrors (code G36) were released for early March production on the Superbee, Coronet R/T, and Charger R/T. Colors were Bright Blue Metallic, Plum Crazy, Dark Green Metallic, Sublime, Go Mango, Dark Burnt Orange Metallic, Hemi Orange, Top Banana, and Light Gold Metallic.

The "Tuff" steering wheel (code S84) was released for mid-March production. Power steering and the Light Package were required on the Superbee, Coronet R/T, and Charger R/T.

Green Go (code FJ6) and Panther Pink (code FM3) paints were released with black or white interior trims.

7/28/70 - Front and rear spoilers were made available. The five spoke road wheels were not available with the G70x14-inch tires (T93).

8/26/70 - Effective with mid-October production, the 340-4V engine was made available on the Superbee model. Transmission, axle and tire availability were the same as for the 383. Speed control was not available; all other 383 options were.

11/19/70 - In order to reduce plant complexity, the following options were cancelled effective 12/1/70

- manual 6-way driver's seat
- colored bumper package with Dark Green Metallic (GF7) paint

Note: Normally, the plants used up all existing material available, therefore, it is possible a car built after the effective date was equipped with the cancelled option.

11/19/70 - Five spoke road wheels were released with the G70x14-inch tires (T93).

1/4/71 - Collapsible spare was released for the Superbee and Charger R/T.

5/14/71 - Dealers were advised that during the last 30 days of 1971 production, colored-keyed seat belts were phased out and replaced with black belts.