My 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T
           In December of 1986, I was in the United States Air Force, stationed at Scott AFB near Belleville, Illinois. I had my Christmas leave in, but had it cancelled to go on temporary duty to Martinsburg, West Virginia. I was tasked with maintaining their Air National Guard Base control tower radio communications. I was a Ground Radio Communications Technician and I stayed with a retired Marine Gunnery Sargeant. While there I had some extra dough, and one day while browsing the local paper, came across a guy advertising some Mopars for sale in Sheperdstown. I called and went to look at what he had. I ended up buying a 68 Barracuda fastback with car trailer that day. In February, when I was about to leave, I stopped back to get it. He had just brought home a 1968 Coronet R/T. He had gotten it out of a junkyard, where it had been sitting awhile, because it had a tree growing thru the front bumber. I inquired about it and learned it was going to be sold and parted out. I thought it well worth saving, and was able to purchase it for $600. I had to leave it there until later that summer, when my uncle and I went back to get it. It sat in my barn for many years, but in 1997 I put it in a body shop to get it repaired and repainted. That shop went under in six months and my car was not finished. So I had to find another shop to take it on. Luckily, I did find one, John Nicolay in Lodi, WI. He had to redo some of the previous repairs and then he painted it in base coat-clear coat. I deviated from the original color slightly, going from the original light blue to Chrysler's new bright blue. It was a stripe delete car, but I have already added a white Bumble-Bee stripe, even put it on myself.  I think the stripes really set these cars off. I have a correct dated coded "440 Magnum" engine and the original automatic transmission. It has the original 3.23 sure-grip in the rear axle. Other options include: factory tachometer, console, AM radio, power steering, and tinted windshield. It will have the factory chrome road wheels and F70x14 redline tires. I hope someday to get it finished.................Andy440