My 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T
August, 1999, and I have been working on my 68 R/T . Put the white bumble-bee stripe on, "myself."   I repainted some "DODGE" emblems, that a friend picked up for me in California, and installed them. I found and bought a NOS rear tail-light trim panel, that was for a Coronet 500. I removed the 500 emblem and installed the needed R/T emblem. I have new R/T emblems on the front fenders and a new one for the grille too. I have one NOS wheel lip moulding for the left front, but need the other three. Sure wish somebody would make them. Metro Parts advertised them, and I ordered some, but they never showed up. I have new wide rocker panel mouldings and they look real good. I have the driver's side installed already. My brother-n-law came over last weekend, and we cleaned up the window channels of the old sealant. I found out that I need new clips for the mouldings. I cleaned up the rear window and it looks fine, but the front windshield has some clouding in the lower corners. Guess I will have to buy a new one. Plan to get one from Auto Glass Specialties and have them install both the front and the rear.

November 4, 1999, have accomplished a little more on my R/T. She now has a new gas tank, rechromed bumpers, factory road wheels and Good Year F70x14 redlines. I installed some new door handles, which you can still get from Ma Mopar. You will need to exchange the button for the original black one. She is starting to look more complete, but I still have much more to do.....all the windows, suspension, brakes, interior, engine rebuild and installation, to name a few. Might take a year or two yet, before she is road worthy.

Stay tuned.......................................Andy440