The car that started it all for me! The reason I had to have a 68 Coronet R/T! I remember this car from my & page down to read more.
The R/T I happend across. I saved it from getting cut-up and parted out. Click here to read all about it.......just page down.
Making some progress in 1999! Click & page down to read more....
Going for a ride! I didn't get anything done to this car in 2000, maybe 2001?
"NO1 RT" cool plate eh?
I really like the rear of the 68 R/T!
The Chrysler road wheel was chrome in 1967 & 68. From 1969 on they used a brushed trim ring. Goodyear Speedway F70x14 tires were the standard tires for non Hemi cars.
Door handles had a black plastic button until January 1st, 1969. After that they had a chrome button.
Another rear quarter view of my R/T.
The front fender side view.
Time to get busy on my R/T.
There is still much to do...
Here is the before picture of my seats. Both front seats looked like this and the back seats weren't much better.
Here is the after picture. I bought new covers from Lengendary, plus new foam, and had a local professional upholstery guy do them. He does amazing work, they are very nice. No headrests, they were optional in 1968.
I actually bought this car before my 68 R/T. My uncle's 68 R/T was Racing Green Metallic, and he found this car for me in 1983, for $750. Click & page down for more....
My "Bee" goes in for surgery in 1999. She was solid, but did require some fresh rear quarter panels.
Getting ready to weld the quarter panel to the body.
The hood was chemically dipped & stripped. Sanding & filling, sanding & filling, and sanding & more sanding to get her straight.....
The results are worth it though! She's lookin good! She came home with snow on the ground. Click & page down.....
I did a little work on her this Spring. Installed the factory exhaust, the side markers, the bumpers, and the hood scoops. I still have a lot to do.....
Here is a view of the 383 Magnum engine and the "Ramcharger" underhood air box. It is pop riveted and screwed to the hood bracing.
You see many 69 cars with the bumble-bee stripe that don't have the side marker housing painted. I painted mine with a 98cent glossy white spray bomb from Walmart. It matched prefectly!
It's coming together little by little...
Hasn't looked this good since 1969!
Okay, we are just getting back from the upholstery shop, where the bee was fitted with a new headliner and vinyl top.
A look from the rear quarter. Looks pretty good doesn't it? Oh yeah, this one came with the road wheels and redlines brand new.
They really look nice on it!
A closer look at the top.
Hard to see it really, but it looks nice.
Another nice view of my triple green Bee! Front & rear windows and interior is about all that's left. She's getting closer....
The front & rear windows are now installed. Auto Glass Specialists came out and installed them. They did a very nice job! I have to clean and shine up the trim, and install it yet.
Trim around the windows, drip rail trim, antenna, and manual rear view mirror will pretty much finish off the exterior...
Can you believe this is December 2nd in Wisconsin and no salt on the highway yet? It was a nice day, in the 50's! That is none other than me with my Bee! I have owned it the longest of anyone now, almost 20 years!
Some of the window trim is on now.
Bought a reproduction outside manual mirror from Year One. It's a pretty nice!
A side view. The gold pentastar emblem was only on the passenger side of the car, for viewing from the sidewalk perhaps?
A smooth running 1969 383 Magnum with less than 60,000 original miles.
Some art work from Randy. He owns the very nice red Superbee, from Maine. Thanks Randy!
Thanks to Ernie Fry, we completely redid the interior over the winter. Looks nice doesn't it?
I have owned this car 20 years, and I finally got it to a Mopar show! This is at the 2003 West Salem show near La Crosse, Wisconsin.
This is down by the Wisconsin River.
A profile shot. I like this view, shows the clean lines of the body.
Here is another nice shot that I really like!
Another shot I like!
A nice close up shot!
A pretty picture late in the afternoon sun!
A cool view from the rear!
Some Fall color shots!
Here is the first one.
A really pretty Fall scene!
A view from the rear!
At the Mopars on the Mississippi show in Dubuque, Iowa, August 2003.
At the Coulee Region Mopar show in West Salem, Wisconsin, June 2004!
I'm Bee-liever!
A die cast model of my car.
A Cartoon of my Bee!
Glamour shot with the headlights on.
I have since learned that the hood latch should not be visible through the grille, looking at some unrestored cars, they appear to be flat black.
Amber waves of grain makes a nice background.
Nice thing about living in the country is that there are back roads with no traffic.
Why would anybody want a stripe delete car?
They look so much better with them, in my opinion.
At the "Mopars on the Mississippi" show in Dubuque, Iowa, August 2004.
Cruising down the highway on the way home...
That's Dave in his 1970 Charger R/T.
Here is another of my projects in waiting! A 1970 Coronet R/T that's an original 440 Six Pack car, with auto. on the floor, & 4.10 Dana axle. 1 of 28 cars so equipped!
Here is the door decal with the VIN! You can plainly see it's a true "V" code car!
It's Burnt Orange with matching interior, and it had a White vinyl top.
This is all that remains of the White vinyl top.
She is in rough shape after all these years. Came with optional rallye dash, woodgrain sport steering wheel, AM radio, tachometer, and console.
The trunk floor is gone, the lower quarters are gone, the inner trunk extensions are gone, but the frame is good! The gas in the tank reeked so bad, I had to remove the tank ASAP!
This is much better! After a good sandblasting you can see the rear frame is real good.
Here is the extra heavy duty original 4.10 Dana rear axle! You could only get this with the "A32" Super Performance Axle Package!
With the "A32" Super Performance Axle Package, you also got front disc brakes. Notice where the paint and the undercoating start/stop.
The rear bumper mount after a good sand- blasting, and then covered with fresh Burnt Orange paint. I think I will like this color!
What a shocker to discover that this car appears to have had a "RED" BB stripe originally! Looks like somebody re-painted it black instead of buying a new one. Now, how many Burnt Orange 440 Six Pack R/T's were equipped this way? One maybe?

They didn't paint behind the side markers or in the trunk lip area. This car came from the Louisville, Kentucky, or southern Indiana area. It has a decal on the trunklid that says "SCOTT'S" of Paoli, Indiana. If anybody has any information about Scott's, or any previous owner's of this car, I would love to find out more about it! I have traced it back to the early 80's, and earliest known registered owner, Monica Messick, who is on the Kentucky title as a previous owner, prior to 1982. Anybody ever see this car before?
Anybody ever hear of this dealership?
After a little wet sanding, look, it's a Red Bumble-Bee stripe!
Now that looks a lot better! Those ugly wheels are gone! I think I like Red on Burnt Orange!
The paint is quite faded, so a little water brings out the color. Have you ever seen a Red stripe on a Burnt Orange car before?
A look at the whole car from the rear quarter. Should look pretty nice with fresh paint and a new white top!
Here is a cartoon version what she will look like. Pretty cool eh?
I had it out last Fall, and I cleaned it up.
Still buying parts when I find them.
The stripe is pretty faded, but still stands out.
Shooting at night for something different.
Stripe really stands out when the light hits it.
Should look good under the city lights someday.
"F series" 440 HP motor I found for it.
The carbs. are brand new and the intake is factory cast iron.
I bought an original air cleaner and had it restored already. So at least I have one item done....LOL.