My 1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee
It has taken me almost seventeen years, but now my "Bee" is wearing a fresh coat of Dark Green Metallic paint. I took it to a body shop late last summer and it was finally finished up this January. It had to have both rear quarters, the trunk floor, and trunk extensions replaced. We used new panels from Sherman & Associates. They seemed to be of pretty good fit and quality. We did have to trim excess metal from the bottom edges, as they are wider than the original panels. The body was primered and block sanded four times to get it straight. Then it was sprayed with four coats of color and then four coats of clear. It was then wet sanded once with 1000 grit sandpaper, and then twice with 1500 grit. Then it was buffed with a course compound and then a fine compound for a very nice shine. It looks deep and almost like a mirror. This car was originally a stripe delete car, but darn it, I like those stripes. Now I am waiting for some warm spring weather, so I can start piecing it back together. I will be posting more pictures as it progresses this year. Stay tuned.................................Andy440