My Uncle With His 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T
     He purchased it new in 1968 from the local dealership. He was on furlough, coming back from Viet Nam, and wanted a Hemi Roadrunner, but could not find one. He found this car on the lot and traded in his Mercury Comet for it. It was equipped with a "440 Magnum" engine, automatic transmission with column shift and 3.23 open rear axle. He later put in a console floor shift and 3.91 sure-grip axle. It was painted Forest Green Metallic and was a stripe delete car. In this picture you can see he already had installed "Hooker" headers and added a Bumble-Bee stripe. Also he has the torsion bars turned up to raise the front end, and it has a rear leaf spring shackle kit installed. It was cool to have your car sitting high, but it didn't help cornering or handling at high speeds. He learned, and later threw the shackles away. He experimented with several induction systems on the modified 440. He used a 3-barrel 950 cfm Holley first, and then a long cross-ram setup from an old 413, and later a Six Pack. He had to pound one of the inner fender wells down to make clearance for the long cross-ram dual 4-barrel system. He came by the Six Pack from a new Challenger R/T owner who didn't like it. They pulled both cars under a tree and proceded to swap even across, 3-barrel Holley for the Six Pack. My uncle was able to get it tuned and he said the motor ran the best with that setup. He ended up selling it in 1970 and he said it went to California. My uncle is gone now, but I remember vividly his talking about the car and racing a 427 Vette...........He won of course!!!